Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals
Douglas D. Shaffer - Personal Injury Lawyer - Manhattan Beach, CA

The attorneys at Shaffer Law have years of experience serving clients in Los Angeles & California in a wide range of civil litigation and personal injury cases. Whenever individuals need trial counsel, they need to seek representation from an attorney who has dealt with cases like theirs successfully in the past. Shaffer Law also maintains strong professional relationships with other local attorneys. Our attorney referrals program helps more clients in Southern California receive legal representation with the exact type of trial experience they need.

When other law firms whose practice areas are not dedicated to civil or injury matters (e.g. family law, criminal law, etc) cannot handle the specific details of a client’s case, they refer their clients to Shaffer Law. Similarly, many other local attorneys contact Shaffer Law for assistance in handling their clients’ cases when they are overburdened by active litigation and/or heavy caseloads. In return, we pay a percentage of our legal fees from a referred case to the other attorney as a referral reward.

Shaffer Law works closely with attorneys focusing on various practice areas to help our clients reach the best possible outcomes for their cases. We also pay referral fees to out-of-state attorneys who send their cases based in California to our firm for assistance. This network of professional connections allows Shaffer Law to help a wider range of clients navigate their cases with confidence.

An attorney referral to our firm can alleviate pressure on your own firm when you are faced with a case your team cannot fully handle. Our team has extensive professional experience guiding clients through complex personal injury cases that touch on various other aspects of the law. We understand that every client requires individualized and compassionate legal counsel, but not every attorney is equipped to meet the demands of every personal injury case.

Attorneys in California and beyond can rely on Shaffer Law to do the heavy lifting in cases their firms can’t handle. Whether your schedule is too full to accommodate one more client or a client’s case pertains to California statutes that are unfamiliar to you, we can accept your referral and provide the client with the responsive legal counsel they need. Contact us today for more information about our attorney referrals program.

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