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Shaffer Law has focused exclusively on helping catastrophic injury victims and their families for more than 30 years. Our founding attorney, Douglas D. Shaffer, personally handles every case and every detail. He has successfully recovered more than $100 million for victims of serious personal injury and wrongful death. Following is a sample of results that Shaffer Law has obtained in a variety of cases in California.

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$4 Million — Rear-End Collision

Our client was driving a minivan on the I-5 freeway near downtown Los Angeles when she was rear-ended by a cargo truck.

$5 Million — Food Poisoning

A 50-year-old woman, our client, consumed food that was later found to be contaminated, resulting in hospitalization and potential future kidney loss.

$4.4 Million — Rock Climbing Fall

A young man, our client, suffered severe head trauma and other serious injuries after falling off a rock on a church-sponsored outing.

$3.43 Million — Driver Ran Stop Sign

A 29-year-old man, our client, was driving a pickup truck when the other driver ran a stop sign. Our client claimed that treatments did not resolve his back problems. He demanded $500,000, but the defendant offered only $415,000. A final verdict awarded our client $3.43 million.

$3 Million — Cyclist Collided With Vehicle

Our client was riding a bicycle on a sidewalk in the opposite direction of traffic and rode into the side of a vehicle exiting a parking lot. Our client fell into the bike lane and was struck by a vehicle. The defendant contended that our client’s riding on the sidewalk in the opposite direction of traffic was unsafe. $3 million was awarded in a settlement.

$2.91 Million — Collision Burn Injuries

Our client was driving a catering truck owned by the defendant. The catering truck collided with a semi-truck (also a defendant) while our client’s wife was cooking chicken in hot oil in the back, leading to third-degree burns on 40% of her body. Our client claimed the catering company equipped the truck with improper safety equipment.

$2.5 Million — Motorist Hit Bicyclist

Our client was riding his bicycle on Barranca Boulevard in Orange County, California. As he crossed several traffic lanes and moved to the left before making a left turn, a vehicle hit him, resulting in a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury. Our client alleged that the driver negligently operated his vehicle. The driver denied liability and claimed that our client negligently made an unsafe lane change and failed to wear a helmet. The driver later agreed to settle.

$1.5 Million — Adult Care Negligence

Our client was a 50-year-old, well-functioning man who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was a resident at an adult residential care facility in Los Angeles when he attempted to jump off a third-story roof. The plaintiff sued the facility for negligence, contending that the facility should have monitored him and not allowed access to the third-story roof. He also contended that the facility did not properly administer his medications.

$2.3 Million — Elderly Woman Tripped And Fell

An elderly woman tripped and fell on a platform that was supplied and maintained by the defendant for public use. The plaintiff claimed that the platform was defective, and the defendant claimed that the plaintiff was negligent. The plaintiff, our client, was awarded $2.3 million in a settlement.

$1.27 Million — Tractor-Trailer Collision

Our client was injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer. The 70-foot tractor-trailer pulled out of a driveway just before the crash. Our client claimed the defendant failed to yield the right of way. The defendant claimed that the plaintiff was inattentive and had more than 11 seconds to see the tractor-trailer after it had pulled out of the driveway. Witnesses apparently said the plaintiff was looking down for five seconds before the impact. The plaintiff was awarded $1,277,026 in arbitration.

$3 Million — Hockey Fan Injury

Our client was hit in the head by a puck at a Kings-Sharks game at the Great Western Forum. The puck was shot into the crowd by Sharks winger, Joe Murphy. Our client suffered probable permanent memory and vision damage.

$2.21 Million — Slip & Fall

Our client was a pharmacy intern at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The carpets in her office had been cleaned the night before the accident. When exiting her office, she slipped and fell, resulting in an elbow fracture. The defendants contended that the forward fall was consistent with a trip and not a slip. A jury found in favor of the plaintiff.

$1.47 Million — Child Hit By Truck

A 7-year-old child was playing hide-and-seek near her home. Avoiding being tagged, she ran across the street and was struck by the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant contended that the child darted into the street and that the defendant was traveling at a reasonable speed. The plaintiff claimed non-displaced skull fracture, possible rib fracture and a closed-head injury. A verdict/judgment was awarded in the plaintiff’s favor.

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