Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries
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Catastrophic Personal Injury Claims In California

The following article will cover:

  • How to determine what qualifies as a catastrophic personal injury claim.
  • The types of damages available in LA County for catastrophic injury claims.
  • The considerations and challenges in catastrophic injury claims.

What Qualifies As A Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim?

A catastrophic personal injury claim refers to cases where an individual’s life has been significantly altered, either temporarily or permanently. It extends beyond minor accidents, such as sprains or strains that heal within a few weeks. Injuries that continue to pose challenges beyond a six to ten-week period such as broken bones, back injuries, brain or spinal cord injuries, and the loss of a limb or eye are all considered catastrophic.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Claims In California

What Type Of Damages Are Available In An LA County Personal Injury Claim Where Catastrophic Injuries Have Been Suffered?

In LA County, when catastrophic injuries have been sustained, the claimant can seek to recover three categories of damages. These include medical expenses, lost wages, and damages related to pain and suffering. The latter is often referred to as ‘human damages’ and pertains to the loss of enjoyment of life.

How Are Damages Calculated For A Settlement In A Catastrophic Or Serious Injury Claim In California?

The calculation of damages or a settlement in catastrophic or serious injury claims in California involves the expertise of professionals such as doctors and life care planners. These experts evaluate future needs like potential treatments, home modifications, and assistance required at home or work. The assessment of past medical expenses and how the injury has affected the claimant’s life is also crucial.

Compensating for human damages or pain and suffering is more complex, considering factors like anxiety, emotional distress, worry, and inconvenience, which require meticulous evaluation.

What Happens In Injury Cases When The Person Ends Up Dying After The Personal Injury Claim Has Been Started?

In the unfortunate event of the claimant’s demise during the personal injury claim process, the case may evolve into a wrongful death claim. Recent legislative changes now permit heirs to recover for the pain and suffering that their family members endured prior to their death, ensuring that justice continues to be sought.

Do I Need An Attorney For A Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim?

The assistance of an attorney is indispensable for any personal injury claim exceeding a few thousand dollars, especially those involving catastrophic injuries. Ensuring evidence preservation and the swift gathering of crucial information are key tasks that require legal expertise.

Choosing the right attorney involves looking for someone with proven experience and skills, and someone you can connect with personally. This relationship often goes beyond standard working hours, as the legal journey can be a stressful and demanding one.

Can Any Personal Injury Attorney Handle Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Catastrophic injury cases are complex and require more than just basic legal expertise. They demand extensive resources for consulting with expert witnesses, who are often very expensive. It is vital that your attorney not only has the resources to handle these costs but also possesses the requisite skills to navigate such a challenging landscape. Therefore, not every personal injury attorney may be equipped to manage these types of cases.

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