What are The Long-Term Effects of Spinal Cord Damage in California?

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Injuries to the spine could bring long-term medical complications. Personal injuries of this nature ruin income potential, as crippling pain or limited mobility impact employment opportunities.

No matter how minor the injury seems, a physician should evaluate any spinal damage to look for signs of trauma that will worsen over time. The long-term effects of damage are both expensive to treat and uncomfortable to manage.

Physical complications

Paralysis is one of the most severe outcomes of a spinal cord injury. This condition could present as a short-term body response, or it could be permanent. Individuals who experienced a spinal injury are also more susceptible to osteoporosis and bones that fracture easily. Muscle spasticity causes uncontrollable spasms or locking of the muscles. Infections are also more common in individuals who are victims of spinal injury. Infections are more likely to occur in the bladder, the lungs or kidneys.

Psychological complications

The body is not the only thing affected by a spinal cord injury. The individual also deals with emotional and mental strain. The damage can prevent an individual from seeking employment, increasing financial pressures when there is a family and lifestyle to support. This inability to provide adequate funds can lead to depression and anxiety. The physical damage can also limit a person’s mobility and ability to enjoy an active social life with family and friends.

The long-term effects of a spinal injury impact both the body and mind. Compensation for an injury will help alleviate the financial strain after suffering a spinal injury.

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