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California Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples

Your health and safety have incredible value. This is why so many people go to great lengths to protect themselves and their families from injury, illness, and distress. Unfortunately, your own safety and security are not always under your control. Other people’s decisions can easily…

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How Much to Expect From Car Accident Settlement in California?

Average Car Accident Settlement Amount in California Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. While some accidents can be resolved with insurance claims, others are more damaging and demand more extensive legal recourse against those responsible. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in…

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California Car Accident Statistics – Traffic Fatalities CA

Thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the United States each year. While some of these incidents only result in property damage and minor injuries, it’s possible for a car accident to completely change a driver’s life. Unfortunately, it is also possible for a vehicle…

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3 Tips For Coping With A Traumatic Brain Injury in California

A brain injury can affect nearly every aspect of your life. After the accident, you may be unable to return to your job, go back to school, participate in the activities you enjoy, etc. Traumatic brain injuries are common and the Brain Trauma Foundation states that among…

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What are The Long-Term Effects of Spinal Cord Damage in California?

Injuries to the spine could bring long-term medical complications. Personal injuries of this nature ruin income potential, as crippling pain or limited mobility impact employment opportunities. No matter how minor the injury seems, a physician should evaluate any spinal damage to look for signs of…

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